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Aims & scope

Journal of Molecular Psychiatry publishes scientific work focusing on the elucidation of the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric disorders. Expanding the traditional approach of biological psychiatry using advanced techniques of molecular biology, neuroimaging, behavioural biology, regenerative medicine and psychopharmacology, the journal disseminates state-of-the-art research focusing on psychiatric conditions, their diagnosis, therapy and prevention. The journal also has a special focus on translational research bridging basic and clinical research and aiming at exploiting fundamental findings in the field of neuroscience for neuropsychiatric practice, in order to improve patient care.

Why publish in Journal of Molecular Psychiatry?

  • &npsp;High visibility of your research worldwide (increases citation rates)
  • &npsp;Retention of the copyright by the authors
  • &npsp;You may be entitled to a discount of the article processing charge if your institution has a membership with BMC, please see our list of members for further details

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